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OFFICE: Cluster A, Room 3020, 516.572.7544


FACULTY: G. Bello, M. Capone, A. DeJoseph, C. Falconetti, S. Gordon, J. Gray, S. Levine, C. Marchese, D. Nugent, M. Teubner


COURSES OFFERED: Accounting (ACC), Business (BUS)

The following curricula are offered by this Department:

Accounting (A.S.) - This curriculum prepares students for transfer to four-year institutions where they may complete the requirements for a Bachelor's degree with a major in accounting. The program enables the student to partially fulfill the educational requirements for the New York State Certified Public Accounting examination.

Business Administration (A.S.)
- This program prepares students for transfer to four-year institutions to continue their education in general business areas. Such a program would be suitable for those with career objectives in business management, administration, investments, finance, marketing, or any other position in the business world.

Business Administration (Cert.) - This program provides students with the necessary skills for immediate entry into today's business world. Most courses in the program can be applied toward the A.S. degree in Business Administration or the A.A.S. degree in Marketing.