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Office:  Nassau Hall Room 4, 516.572.7506

Chairperson: Molly Ludmar,

Faculty: M. Afkhami-Ramirez, C. Egelman, S. Grossman, G. Gudelinis, O. Jewett, L. Joseph, P. Kurland, C. Lewis, C. Muller, A. Orologio, M. Peck, D. Petronella, S. Ramprasad, G. Sales, J. Segadelli, L. Smith, J. Suh, R. Ungar, D. Watkins, W. Zatulskis

Technical Assistants: L. Roddini, D. Smith, C. Vanek, J. Wong

The Student Personnel Services Department (SPS) is dedicated to providing professional support services aimed at maximizing the academic and personal success of all students at NCC.  It offers equal access to counseling, resources, programs, and classroom instruction in order to enhance academic performance as well as individual, social and professional development.

Courses Offered:

  • SPS 101 Career Orientation
  • SPS 102 Career Exploration
  • SPS 103 Academic Success
  • SPS 111 Understanding Substance Use, Abuse and Addiction
  • SPS 201 Perspectives on People with Disabilities
  • SPS 202 Career Management