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OFFICE: Bradley Hall, Room 13, 516.572.7185

CHAIRPERSON: Kim Flugmacher Ballerini, M.A., M.S., M.S.,

FACULTY: E. Abele, S. Apostolidis, S. Ash, K. Ballerini, F. Boodakian, T. Collins, S. Cushman, T. D'Angelo, S. Davis, D. De Manuel, D. Esposito, R. Finneran, D. Ginsberg, R. Hayman, E. Hegarty, S. Hosey, V. Hromulak, K. Jason, S. Kaebnick, A. King, M. Lannon, R. Lazaroff, K. Le Veness, R. Lieber, Z. Liu, J. Mastrototaro, M. McNair, W. Moeck, B. Murphy, R. Newman, M. Niemczyk, K. Okoampa-Ahoofe, D. Pecan, J. Pilaro, G. Pollio, M. Posillico, P. Radecki, C. Rau, J. Rondell, P. Rosa, M. Rotando, J. Samuels, R. Santos, N. Saxena, A. Schopp, R. Shabazz, B. Smith, T. Strode, L. Sullivan, P. Venkateswaran, T. Wood, J. Woods

COURSES OFFERED: English (ENG): The English Department aims to improve students’ abilities in critical thinking, information literacy, writing in the disciplines, creative writing, and the reading, discussing, analyzing and aesthetic appreciation of the varied genres of the literary arts. English is a desirable major concentration of undergraduate study for education, law, publishing, advertising and public relations, government service, journalism, creative writing, and other language-related fields. English is usefully combined as a minor concentration with premedical and other science-related fields.

The following curricula are offered by this Department:

The Creative Writing (A.A.) - The A.A. in Creative Writing provides students with knowledge and skills that will prepare them for a career in writing. The curriculum is also appropriate for students continuing onto a four-year institution where they may complete a Bachelor’s degree with a major in Creative Writing. After successfully completing ENG 102 Composition II or its honors counterpart ENG 109 The Art of Analysis/Honors English II requirement, students may pursue their creative writing interest in the following courses:

Composition and Writing as a Craft
Composition I focuses on essay writing, research, citation, and the critical analysis of texts. Four courses meet this requirement:

  • ENG 100 Enhanced Composition I
  • ENG 100 ESL - Enhanced Composition I for English Language Learners
  • ENG 101 Composition I
  • ENG 108 The Craft of Composition / Honors English I

Composition II further develops the study and practice in composition and citation by analyzing literary works. Three courses meet this requirement:

Additionally, students who seek to strengthen their grasp of language and writing in other ways can enroll in the following composition or creative writing electives:

Writing as a Craft

Developmental and ESL Support
For students whose writing placement indicates a need for a developmental course, the English Department offers ENG 001 College Preparatory English as a co-requisite to ENG 101. Together, the courses form an Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) through which students meet with the same instructor for ENG 001 and ENG 101, for five hours weekly. ENG 001 supports the work of ENG 101 through small classes and lab work. By passing both courses, students fulfill their developmental writing requirement and earn 3 credits in Basic Communication toward their General Education requirements. Students with placement into RDG 001 may NOT take an ALP course and should contact the Department of Critical Reading and Academic Advancement (formerly the Department of Reading and Basic Education) for alternate courses.

ENG 030 English as a Second Language (ESL Writing III): This 6-hour weekly, non-credit course prepares non-native speakers of English to advance in the college-level writing required for work in all disciplines toward the earning of degree and certificate credentials.

ENG 001 ESL - College Preparatory English for English Language Learners: For students whose language needs and placement indicate intensive work in English language acquisition (particularly in writing), this specialized form of ENG 001 works with small class groups to prepare students to develop skills for college level essays.

Students concentrating in literary study with the intent of transferring to a four-year college are advised to take up to four courses in literature from at least three of the following categories before graduating from NCC. Students may also choose a composition or creative writing course from the “Writing as a Craft” category. Students are encouraged to work with faculty mentors in the department to explore colleges and programs that are the best fit for their interests and needs, and to consider specific transfer requirements for both SUNY institutions and private colleges.

Survey and Period

  • ENG 203 - Early American Literature to 1865
  • ENG 204 - Modern American Literature: 1865 to the Present
  • ENG 205 - Early English British Literature to 1800
  • ENG 206 - Modern British Literature from 1800 to 1950

Major Genre and Author

Conventions of the Discipline

  • ENG 105 Grammar: Structure and Strategy
  • ENG 225 Introduction to Linguistics and Semantics I
  • ENG 271 Psychoanalytic Approaches to Literature

Literature and Identity

Writing Center
The English Department's Writing Center is open to NCC students of all levels interested in improving their writing in any discipline. Faculty members offer individualized and group instruction in expository and creative writing, research and documentation, and basic grammar and usage. ESL students receive assistance in language development and learning. Tutoring can also take place at a networked computer or online by e-mail. In addition, students are welcome to use the Department's computer lab for word processing and internet research.

Scholarships in the English Department
Seven scholarships specific to the English Department are available to students transferring to a four-year college.