OFFICE: Building G, Room 179, 516.572.7162 ext. 0

CHAIRPERSON: Izolda Maksym,

FACULTY: C. Cage, T. Emmerson, J. Gorman, A. Guest, I. Maksym, C. McBride, C. Monastra, W. Shillallies, R. Toedter, N. Wasserbauer

TECHNICAL ASSISTANTS: M. LaCombe, C. Lawrence, L. Rozzi


The following curricula are offered by this Department:

The Art Department offers courses of study for both the art major and for those wishing to explore the visual arts. Students may choose from A.S. degree programs in Art and in Photography, an A.A.S. degree in Graphic Design and Digital Media, an A.A. degree in Art Studies with an option of concentration in Art History, and Certificate programs in Photography, Desktop Publishing and Design, and Web Design.

Our A.S. degrees, designed for students who intend to pursue a four-year art education, provide a basic foundation across the various disciplines, including drawing, painting, 2D and 3D design, sculpture, ceramics, photography, printmaking, and computer graphics. Courses in Art History, ranging from primitive to contemporary and non-western, are also offered. Students must complete remedial courses in English and Reading before enrolling in any art history courses. The Certificate in Photography (36 credits) is a concentrated area of study for those students planning a more immediate career in this field. Our A.A.S. degree program in Graphic Design and Digital Media provides students with training in desktop publishing and multimedia. Studies include print and graphic design, web design, 3D modeling, animation and interactive design. The Desktop Publishing and Design Certificate provides students with specialized computer skills in typography, page layout, illustration, digital imaging, and printing. This 36 credit certificate program is designed to help prepare students for an entry level position. The Website Design Certificate program provides students with specialized computer skills in web site design, web site component languages and general computer technology in order to better define their own roles in the Industry. This 36-37 credit certificate program is designed to help prepare students for an entry- level position.

The Art facilities, located in the Social Sciences and Visual Arts Building (Bldg. G), contain seven specialized art studios with state- of-the-art equipment; four computer labs covering a range of courses in digital technology; a theater-style art history lecture hall with the latest AV and Smartboard technology, and a Photography complex that includes two professional photography studios, a large black & white darkroom, two computer labs for digital photography and a variety of specialized development and printing areas.

The Plaza Art Gallery, which is operated by the Art Department, offers several art exhibitions yearly and is open to the general public. Art students must complete one questionnaire associated with an art exhibition at the Plaza Art Gallery and attend one Art Forum sponsored by the Art Department each semester. In addition, museum and/or gallery visits and field trips may be required as part of an art instructor's curriculum. Students may also be required to provide supplies and/or equipment for individual use in their courses.

The Art Department requires all art majors to maintain a cumulative 2.0 GPA in their field of study. After one probationary semester, art majors with GPA's below 2.0 will be withdrawn from their major area of study.

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