<a href="/current/courses/NCC.html#101" title="Freshman Seminar: The College Experience">NCC 101</a>

NCC 101 - Freshman Seminar: The College Experience

Description: An introduction to the world of higher education. The goal of the course is to give students the skills, insights, and knowledge to make the most of their college experience. Among the topics covered: * The philosophy, mission, and goals of higher education; * The role of campus resources (labs, library, counseling services, extracurricular activities, etc.)in the educational process; * Listening, note-taking, time management and study skills; * Faculty and student expectations and responsibilities; * Academic disciplines and their relationship to careers; and * The college community as a mirror of cultural diversity. The course will also help students develop sufficient motivation to pursue their studies as active, responsible learners. SUNY GEN ED-n/a; NCC GEN ED-n/a Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer

Credit Hours: 1
Department: Student Personnel Services

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