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MET 101 - Meteorology

Description: To understand the daily and seasonal weather, students will be introduced to basic weather elements such as temperature, pressure, and humidity. Real-time weather maps from the Internet are often used in class to enhance the study of particular topics. After a good foundation in the basic principles of meteorology, various atmospheric phenomena will be discussed, including the formation of rainbows, thunderstorms, lightning, tornadoes and hurricanes. Many of these phenomena are illustrated on videotape. Laboratory exercises include the study of weather instruments, analysis of surface and upper air maps, analysis of soundings on Skew-T diagrams, and weather forecasting. A special section of meteorology may be offered each semester as a hybrid online course. This distance-learning course uses real-time weather data to study the principles of meteorology. Students must have access to a computer and the internet in order to download or print the weekly lessons. Communication between the instructor and student is through the course website. Students will occasionally meet with the instructor on campus to do laboratory experiments that require equipment and to take exams. (3 lecture, 3 laboratory hours) Lab fee applies. Formerly SCI 107. Students who have completed SCI 107 will not receive credit for MET 101. SUNY GEN ED-GLAB; NCC GEN ED-LSCI. Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer

Credit Hours: 4
Department: Physical Sciences