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CLI 101 - Climatology

Description: Meteorological elements such as temperature, precipitation, pressure, and wind will be studied to provide an understanding of the different climates around the world. Students will learn how climate can influence agriculture, clothing, housing, and transportation in different parts of the world. The interdisciplinary nature of this course is evident in the study of how scientists have used biology, meteorology, geology, astronomy, physics, chemistry, oceanography and computer modeling to determine the climates of the past and predict the climates of the future. The study of climate change will include astronomical theories, the ocean conveyor belt, ozone depletion, global warming and El Nino and La Nina. Formerly SCI 108. Students who have completed SCI 108 will not receive credit for CLI 101. (3 lecture, 3 laboratory hours) Lab fee applies. SUNY GEN ED-GLAB; NCC GEN ED-GLNW, LSCI. Offered: Fall, Spring

Credit Hours: 4
Department: Physical Sciences