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The New York State Education Department has authorized Nassau Community College to award degrees and certificates in the following programs listed with HEGIS (Higher Education General Information Survey) code. Students are advised that enrollment in other than registered or otherwise approved programs may jeopardize eligibility for certain State and Federal aid awards.

Name Degree HEGIS Code
Acting A.A. 5610
Administrative Business Technology-Admin Support A.A.S 5005
Administrative Business Technology-Admin Support Cert. 5005
Administrative Business Technology-Legal A.A.S. 5005
Administrative Business Technology-Legal Cert. 5005
Administrative Business Technology-Medical A.A.S. 5005
Administrative Business Technology-Medical Cert. 5005
Administrative Business Technology-ENCORE Cert. 5005
American Sign Language A.A. 5599
Art A.S. 5610
Art Studies A.A. 5610
Biology A.S. 5604
Business Administration Cert. 5004
Business-Accounting A.S. 5002
Business-Business Administration A.S. 5004
Business-Fashion Buying & Merchandising A.A.S. 5004
Business-Marketing A.A.S. 5004
Business-Retail Business Management A.A.S. 5004
Business: Transportation & Logistics Management A.A.S. 5011
Civil Engineering Technology A.A.S. 5309
Commercial Art: Digital Technologies A.A.S. 5012
Communication Arts A.A. 5008
Computer Info Systems: Microcomputer Cert. 5101
Computer Repair Technology A.A.S. 5105
Computer Science A.S. 5101
Construction Management Cert. 5317
Creative Writing A.A. 5615
Criminal Justice A.S. 5505
Cybersecurity Cert. 5199
Dance A.A. 5610
Design: Interior Design-Home Furnishings A.A.S. 5102
Design: Interior Design-Home Furnishings Cert. 5012
Desktop Publishing and Design Cert. 5012
Dietary Management Cert. 5404
Disability Studies A.A. 5501
Disability Studies Cert. 5501
Electrical Engineering Technology A.A.S. 5310
Emergency Management A.S. 5508
Engineering Science A.S. 5609
Fashion Design A.A.S. 5012
Financial Markets Cert. 5003
Fire Science A.S. 5507
Food and Nutrition A.S. 5404
Food Service Administration, Restaurant Management A.A.S. 5010
Food Service Technology Cert. 5010
Health Information Technology A.A.S. 5213
Health Information Technology Cert. 5213
Health Studies A.S. 5299
Hotel Technology Administration A.A.S. 5010
Human Services: Community Service and Social Welfare A.A. 5506
Information Technology A.A.S. 5101
Liberal Arts & Science - Humanities & Social Science A.A. 5649
Liberal Arts & Science - Math & Science A.S. 5649
Liberal Arts & Science: Adolescence Education  (Teacher Education Transfer) A.A. 5649
Liberal Arts & Science: Adolescence Education (Teacher Education Transfer) A.S. 5649
Liberal Arts & Science: Afro-American Studies A.A. 5622
Liberal Arts & Science: Childhood Education (Teacher Education Transfer) A.S. 5649
Liberal Arts & Science: Childhood Education (Teacher Education Transfer) A.A. 5649
Liberal Arts & Science: Early Childhood Education (Teacher Education Transfer) A.A. 5649
Liberal Arts & Science: Early Childhood Education (Teacher Education Transfer) A.S. 5649
Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics A.S. 5649
Media A.A. 5008
Medical Laboratory Technician A.A.S.  5205
Mortuary Science A.A.S. 5299.2
Nursing A.S. 5208.1
Paralegal A.A.S. 5099
Paralegal Studies Cert. 5099
Performing Arts-Music A.A.S. 5610
Photography A.S. 5007
Photography Cert. 5007
Physical Education Studies A.S. 5299
Physical Therapist Assistant A.A.S. 5219
Radiologic Tech: Radiation Therapy Technology A.A.S. 5207
Radiologic Technology A.A.S. 5207
Respiratory Care A.A.S. 5215
Studio Recording Technology Cert. 5008
Surgical Technology A.A.S. 5211
Sustainable Design and Renewable Energy Cert. 5317
Teaching Assistant Cert. 5503
Technical Theatre A.A. 5610
Website Design Cert. 5012