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The Fire Science Degree (A.S)–This program is designed to help students understand the importance of the fire service in our society. This program prepares students for an opportunity for employment in the Fire service field. The student will receive a strong foundation in liberal arts while gaining specific knowledge in fire science.

Course Descriptions: Online or PDF

Fire Science
A.S. Degree
Hegis Code: 5507

Total Credits: 66-67

First Semester Credits
BUS 112 Principles of Management 3
CHE 107 General Chemistry 4
ENG 101 Composition I 3
FRS 101 Introduction to Fire Science 3
PSY 203 General Psychology I 3
Total Semester Credits 16
Second Semester Credits
ENG 102 Composition II 3
FRS 102 Fire Safety and Tactics 3
PSA 225 Introduction to Emergency Management 3
Science Elective 4
SOC 201 Introduction to Sociology 3
Total Semester Credits 16
Third Semester Credits
FRS 201 High Rise/Structures and Systems 3
FRS 202 Fire Protection and Detection Systems 3
Humanities Elective 3
Mathematics Elective 3
PED 292 Safety and First Aid 3
PED Activity Course (s) 1
Total Semester Credits 16
Fourth Semester Credits
CRJ 201 Criminal Investigation 3
FRS 203 Hazardous Materials in the Fire Service 3
HED 201 Personal and Family Health or
HED 251 Human Sexuality
Humanities Elective 3
Mathematics Elective 3
PED 665 Basic Swimming and Rescue Technique I 1
PSA 231 Arson Investigation Safety Management OSHA (Federal and State) 3
Total Semester Credits 18-19

Art, Communications, English, Foreign Language, Music, Philosophy, Reading, Theatre. Recommended Courses:
MAT 102 Introduction to Statistics,
PED 301 Physical Conditioning and Weight Training I,
PED 303 Physical Conditioning and Weight Training II