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OFFICE: Cluster P, Room 218, 516.572.7518

CHAIRPERSON: Jessica Marra,

HEALTH STUDIES COORDINATOR: Dr. Donna Bacon, P-226, 516.572.7518, ext. 26621

FACULTY: K. Abrams, D. Bacon, D. Karras, A. Maddaluno, J. Ramsey, J. Steinhart, M. Toomey, A. Veit Cleveland



COURSES OFFERED: Health and Physical Education (HED, PED)

The Department offers courses for students who wish to pursue a career in physical education. They are required to complete a minimum of eight activity courses PED 140 - PED 187 as well as PED 190 (Introduction to Physical Education), and HED 292 (Safety and First Aid). These courses are designed to develop attitudes, appreciation, personal skills, and applied techniques in all types of activities included in the broad physical education program. The Department offers an A.S. Degree in Health Studies. Students who wish to pursue careers in school or community health are required to take PED 291 (Personal Health for Physical Education and Health Majors), HED 293 (Community Health), and other courses by advisement. It is strongly recommended that interested students make an appointment with the health education advisor to ensure proper course selection.

Special Note to All Students:
Satisfactory completion of one of the following six courses may be required for some programs:

  • HED 200 (Concepts of Healthful Living and Stress Management)
  • HED 201 (Personal and Family Health)
  • HED 231 (Death: Education: A Healthy Perspective)
  • HED 251 (Human Sexuality)
  • HED 271 (Alcoholism, Addictions, and Abusive Behaviors)
  • HED 293 (Community Health)