Health/Physical Education/Recreation

OFFICE: Cluster P, Room 218, 516.572.7518

CHAIRPERSON: Jessica Marra,

HEALTH STUDIES COORDINATOR: Dr. Donna Bacon, P-226, 516.572.7518, ext. 26621

FACULTY: K. Abrams, D. Bacon, D. Karras, A. Maddaluno, J. Ramsey, J. Steinhart, M. Toomey, A. Veit Cleveland



COURSES OFFERED: Health and Physical Education (HED, PED)

The Department offers an A.S Degree Physical Education. Students are required to complete 7 credits of activity/method courses. The courses include:

  • PED 106 Team Sports: Soccer, Volleyball and Basketball,
  • PED 107 Racquet Sports: Tennis, Badminton and Pickleball,
  • PED 110 Exercise Leadership: Muscular Strength & Conditioning,
  • PED 111 Exercise Leadership: Aerobic Conditioning,
  • PED 172 Golf (C),
  • PED 178 Fundamentals of Movement and Rhythm (C) (F),
  • PED 270 Adventure Activities Coed, and
  • PED 275 Water Safety Instructor Coed

Students are also required to complete:

  • PED 190 Introduction to Physical Education,
  • HED 251 Human Sexuality,
  • HED 291 Personal Health for Physical Education and Health Majors, and
  • HED 292 Safety and First Aid

The Department offers an A.S. Degree in Health Studies. Students who wish to pursue a career in school or community health are required to take:

  • HED 200 Concepts of Healthful Living and Stress Management,
  • HED 293 Community Health,

         and any 3 HED courses listed below:

  • HED 202 Health Through Exercise, Nutrition and Weight,
  • HED 205 Consumer Health Care and Protection,
  • HED 211 Women’s Health,
  • HED 231 Death Education: Health Perspective,
  • HED 251 Human Sexuality,
  • HED 271 Alcoholism, Addictions and Abusive Behaviors

It is strongly suggested that interested students make an appointment with a Physical Education or Health Studies advisor to ensure proper course selection.

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