History, Political Science, Geography, and Latin American Studies

History, Political Science, Geography, and Latin American Studies

OFFICE: Building G, Room 257, 516.572.7422

CHAIRPERSON: Miguel C. Alonso, Miguel.alonso@ncc.edu

FACULTY: M. Alonso, M. Anderson, E. Boyden, P. Carlo, P. Caro, R. Cunsolo, L. Falcon, R. Genter, R. D. Goodman, M. James, S. Maurer, C. Poulios, S. Sapiie, F. Siminoff, J. Vessels

COURSES OFFERED: Geography (GEO), History (HIS), Interdisciplinary (IGS), Latin American Studies (LAS), Political Science (POL)

In the area of history, the Department offers basic courses in Western civilization and non-Western civilizations; in the field of political science, the Department offers courses in national, international, state, and local governments. A selective program of electives is also provided in history, geography, and political science designed to meet the varied needs of both the general student and the student who wishes to pursue those studies.

  • Computer-assisted instruction is available in selected history courses.
  • Students who wish to pursue history are advised to incorporate into their program a maximum of 18 history credits, including HIS 101 (History of Western Civilization through the 18th Century) - HIS 102 (History of Western Civilization since the 18th Century) and HIS 103 (History of the United States through the Civil War) - HIS 104 (History of the United States since the Civil War).
  • It is also recommended they take at least 3 credits in political science. Students who wish to pursue political science must take a minimum of 12 credits in political science in addition to HIS 101 - HIS 102 or HIS 103 - HIS 104.
  • Students wishing to study geography should take GEO 101 (People and Environment) plus available electives (GEO 103 - Human Geography, GEO 201 - Geography of Europe).
  • History, economics, anthropology, geology, and environmental science courses are recommended as supplements.
  • Students wishing to pursue study at the baccalaureate level in these subjects should see departmental advisors.

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