OFFICE: Nassau Hall, Room M-217, 516.572.7450

CHAIRPERSON: Francesco Pupa; 

FACULTY: E. Deluty, A. Favia, S. Walden


Philosophy means love of wisdom. A philosopher questions everything, seeking answers to serious questions: Does human life have meaning? What is the difference between right and wrong? How should we live our lives? Do we have free will? Does God exist? Can humans know what the physical world is really like? In doing this, the philosopher uses finely tuned arguments and tries to follow them wherever they lead. Philosophy is intrinsically interesting, enlightening, and enjoyable, but it is also an unsurpassed tool for sharpening students' reasoning skills. Moreover, philosophy courses are writing intensive, emphasizing the written expression of philosophical ideas. This is why pre-law and pre-medical students are often advised to study it, and many four-year colleges and universities require it of all students.

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