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The Physical Education Studies (A.S.) program is a two-year program that offers courses for students who wish to pursue a career in physical education. Students in the program can transfer to a four-year institution where they can complete a Bachelor’s degree and become certified to be a physical education teacher. Students are required to complete a number of specific physical education courses. These courses are designed to develop attitudes, appreciation, personal skills and applied techniques in all types of activities included in the broad physical education program. The department recommends that if a student wishes to certify for both Physical Education & Health Education, they should enroll in HED courses as general electives.
It is strongly recommended that interested students make an appointment with the physical education or health education advisor to ensure proper course selection.

Course Descriptions: Online or PDF

Physical Education Studies
A.S. Program
Hegis Code: 5299

Total Credits: 63-64

First Semester Credits
ENG 100 Enhanced Composition I or
ENG 101 Composition I or
ENG 108 The Craft of Composition / Honors English I (1)
Math Elective (2) 3-4
PED Activities/Methods 3
PED 190 Introduction to Physical Education 3
Social Science Elective (3) 3
Total Semester Credits 15-16
Second Semester Credits
ENG 102 Composition II or
ENG 109 The Art of Analysis / Honors English II
General Elective 3
Math Elective (2) 3-4
PED Activities/Methods 2
PED 291 Personal Health for Physical Education and Health Majors 3
Social Science Elective (3) 3
Total Semester Credits 17-18
Third Semester Credits
AHS 131 Anatomy and Physiology I 4
BUS 110 Introduction to Business 3
General Elective (4) 3
HED 251 Human Sexuality 3
PED Activities/Methods 1
Total Semester Credits 14
Fourth Semester Credits
AHS 132 Anatomy and Physiology II 4
CMP Elective 3
General Elective (5) 3
HED 292 Safety and First Aid 3
Humanities Elective (6) 3
PED Activities/Methods 1
Total Semester Credits 17
  1. Depending on placement
  2. SUNY GER Mathematics
    Recommend MAT 102 (Introduction to Statistics)
  3. SUNY GER Social Sciences
    Recommend for Teacher Education PSY 203 (General Psychology I) / EDU 208 (Foundations of Education)
  4. SUNY GER Western Civilization
  5. SUNY GER The Arts
  6. SUNY GER Humanities
    Recommend Foreign Language for Teacher Ed