Africana Studies

OFFICE: North Hall, Room 205, 516.572.7157

CHAIR: Dr. R. Patterson-Shabazz,

FACULTY: D. Harris, R. Patterson-Shabazz

COURSES OFFERED: Africana Studies (AFR)


The following curriculum is offered by this Department:

Liberal Arts & Sciences: Afro-American Studies (A.A.)

The Department offers three basic options to students:

  1. Courses that transfer to a Baccalaureate program in Africana Studies, Elementary or Secondary Education, the Social Sciences or Humanities.
  2. Courses relevant to career-oriented training for human service fields such as health, community planning and development, education and social services.
  3. Courses to serve as electives in English, Social Science, and Humanities. Africana Studies courses are open to all students.

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