OFFICE: Building G, Room 359, 516.572.7170

CHAIRPERSON: Jill Burgreen,

FACULTY: E. Bogin, V. Chai, J. Farrell Leontiou, F. Gulinello, S. Lewis, L. O'Connell, D. O'Connor, S. Ogumah, D. Panzer, J. Strahl, T. Webb


COURSES OFFERED: Communications (COM), American Sign Language (ASL)

Through the study and application of communications processes, content, and media, communications courses guide the student toward a better understanding of self and society and help develop more effective communications skills.

The department offers Associate of Arts Degrees in three areas: Communication Arts, American Sign Language, and Media Studies. Moreover, courses are offered in areas such as speech pathology, linguistics, business communications, culture, and TV/film production.

The Communication Lab is a state-of-the art computer lab which is available to, and supports, all students enrolled in communication courses. The lab has audio and video supplementary materials and software programs where students complete required course work and may also receive one-to-one assistant with course related assignments. The Communications Lab is located in Building F, Room 117. To verify hours, call 516.572.5422. Lab attendance is required for all ASL classes.

Field trips required for:

  • ASL 152 American Sign Language I,
  • ASL 153 American Sign Language II,
  • ASL 252 American Sign Language III, and
  • ASL 253 American Sign Language IV.

The following curricula are offered by this Department:

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