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Percentage Equivalent Grade Quality of Achievement Quality Points
90-100% A Excellent 4.0
85-89 B+   3.5
80-84 B Very Good 3.0
75-79 C+   2.5
70-74 C Average 2.0
65-69 D+   1.5
60-64 D Minimum Passing 1.0
  F Failure 0
  WU Unofficial Withdrawal
For Credit Courses
  INC Incomplete  
  NA Never Attended  
  NG No-Grade Audit  
  S Satisfactory  
  U Unsatisfactory  
  UU Unofficial Withdrawal
For Non-Credit Courses
  W Withdrawal  

Grade Point Average
In compiling a student’s grade point average, the following factors must also be taken into consideration:

  1. When transfer credit is awarded, the transfer grade is not computed in the grade point average.
  2. If a student officially changes his/her program of study, an evaluation will be made by the new department chairperson to determine whether grades and credits in courses formerly required, but not required in the new curriculum, will be computed in the grade point average. If a student has attempted fewer than 40 credits at Nassau Community College, certain courses required in the former area and not required in the new area will not be calculated in the student’s average or included as credit toward the student’s degree.
  3. When a student repeats a course, both the initial grade and the repeat grade appear on the transcript. However, only the last completion mark (A-F UW but not including “W”, "WU", “INC”, "S", "U", "UU" or “NA”) will be included in the grade point average.

Incomplete Grades
Grades of Incomplete (“INC”) may be assigned to those students who, for some valid reason, have not satisfied all academic requirements for the course but have a reasonable expectation of completing the required work. While a request for an incomplete grade should be initiated by the student, it is assigned at the discretion of the instructor. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the instructor of the course to determine the nature of the work required to complete the course and thus remove the grade of Incomplete. A grade of Incomplete shall carry no immediate penalty, but grades of Incomplete not removed by the end of the following 15-week semester will automatically be changed to an “F.” In extenuating circumstances, the instructor may petition the Vice President for Academic Affairs to extend the time for making up the Incomplete “INC” grade.

Withdrawal Grades
Withdrawing from a course requires faculty approval. The policy is enforced as follows:

  • During fall and spring terms, beginning the fourth week and up to the end of the ninth week of classes, the instructor’s approval is required. The approval indicates that the student has met with the instructor and discussed the withdrawal. The instructor may not refuse approval. If the instructor is unavailable, the department chairperson may approve the withdrawal. After the ninth week of classes, the approval is at the discretion of the instructor.
  • During the Summer and Mini-Sessions, time allowed for withdrawal varies as per refund rules for the sessions. Faculty approval is still required. See the Student Tuition Liability/Refund Policy.
  • Approved requests will be awarded a grade of W (withdrawal) on the transcript. Students can request Class Withdrawals in their MyNCC portal account. W grades are not calculated in the grade point average, but can impact academic standing as described in the Academic Standing section of the catalog. Students who wish to withdraw from nine or more credits will require approval by the Student Personnel Services Office.
  • In case of extenuating circumstance, such as a medical or personal emergency, a student should apply to the Office of the Dean of Students to request that the W grade not affect academic standing. That application should be made at the time of the withdrawal from the course(s). See the Dean of Students medical/personal withdrawal page for more details.

Prior to withdrawing from a course(s), students should consult with an advisor or a Student Personnel Services counselor and consider the impact of the W grades on their financial aid and health insurance eligibility.

Change of Grade
Ordinarily, all letter grades are considered permanent (“INC” is not considered a letter grade). Changes of these grades will be made only upon the instructor’s submission of clearly defined reason(s) or documentation which supports the justification for such an extraordinary change. “W” grades earned via the official withdrawal procedure will not be changed under any circumstances.
Changes of Incomplete (“INC”) grades must be processed by the end of the next regular semester. All changes of grades (other than INC) must be processed within one year of the end of the semester involved unless demonstrated to be a result of clerical or computational error.

Changes of grade are initiated by the instructor issuing the appropriate Change of Grade form under the following conditions:

  1. Documented computational or clerical error in recording the grade.
  2. Removal of an Incomplete (”INC”) upon satisfactory completion of course requirement(s), (an Incomplete must be completed by the end of the next regular semester or it will change to an “F”).
  3. Reassessment of student performance (subjective evaluation) subsequent to grade issuance.
  4. Grade changes must be approved by the department chairperson before any official record adjustments can be made by the Office of the Registrar.