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The following descriptions of the three degree and certificate programs offered by the College are for comparative purposes only. In planning a program of study, students are to be guided by the academic programs presented in the Programs of Study section  and select their courses in consultation with an advisor. View a list of Academic Programs by degree type.

Associate In Arts (AA)
This degree is primarily for transfer programs which lead to the Bachelor of Arts degree. The curriculum is composed largely of courses in the liberal arts and sciences.

Associate In Science (AS)
This degree may be used for certain occupationally-oriented curricula, but is primarily for transfer programs which lead to the Bachelor of Science degree. The curricula are composed largely of courses in their respective disciplines.

Associate In Applied Science (AAS)
This degree is primarily for occupationally oriented curricula, but may at times be appropriate as a transfer degree to certain types of specialized Baccalaureate programs.

Associate in Occupational Studies (AOS)
This degree is exclusively for occupationally oriented curricula.

A Certificate is a credential registered by the State Education Department and issued by the College in recognition of the completion of a curriculum other than one leading to a degree. A Certificate program can be completed in a shorter time than the Associate degree program — sometimes in less than a year. Designed for those eager to enter the work force, Certificate programs at the College offer career preparation in several different areas. Another advantage of the Certificate program is that most of the credits earned may be applied to a related Associate degree program. Students attend the same classes as degree candidates and are graded on the same basis.