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(Formerly the Classroom Management Policy)

Faculty has a right and responsibility to maintain a proper learning environment in the
classroom. As integral members of this partnership, students are expected to participate actively in the learning experience and must do so in an appropriate manner.

Disruptive conduct in the classroom that interferes with the instructor's performance of his/her professional functions or that undermines the integrity of student learning will not be tolerated. Disruptive conduct includes, but is not limited to:

  • Students who routinely enter class late or depart early,
  • Students who repeatedly talk in class without being called upon;
  • Students who continually interrupt lectures;
  • Students whose cell phones repeatedly ring and/or emit an audible sound during class or students who repeatedly text during class;
  • Students who intimidate or harass a professor/classmate;
  • Students who threaten a professor/classmate, participate in a physical display of anger, or verbally abuse a faculty member/classmate;
  • Students whose classroom behavior otherwise violates the College's Student Code of
  • Conduct and (or) Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Policy.

This negative behavior will incur faculty intervention and may result in disciplinary action.

The procedures designed to ensure the right of due process for both instructor and student, as well as the College's right to impose penalties for infractions, are as follows:

  • The instructor will apprise the student of the inappropriateness of the behavior and ask that the negative behavior cease.
  • If negative behavior persists, the instructor may:
    • a. Refer the student to campus support services, and /or
    • b. Remove the student from class for one class meeting and inform the student to contact the instructor prior to the next scheduled class meeting.
    • c. In case of severe negative behavior, Public Safety will be called and the student will be immediately removed from class.
  • If the behavior persists and the faculty member wants to remove the student from class, the instructor will inform the chair immediately and submit a signed and dated written statement of the incident to the Department Chair within two (2) academic calendar days. Within two (2) academic calendar days, the Department Chair will call a meeting(s) with the faculty member and the student to review the matter. If a unanimous resolution is not reached, the Student will have the opportunity to appeal his removal from the classroom to the Dean of Students, by Chair using the Classroom Disruption Student Appeal Form