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Procedures for Campus Crisis Intervention

Dealing with an aggressive student or violent situation: 

In a situation in which a faculty member is concerned about who he/she feels is an aggressive student, the faculty member should contact Public Safety 516.572.7111.

For other psychological concerns:

  1. Members of the Campus Community should contact Psychological Counseling (516) 572-7698 to request services for a student who seems to be experiencing a psychological crisis situation.
  2. Psychological Counseling will respond to these calls and assess the need for 
    1. If deemed an emergency, a psychological counselor will meet with the student in the office (Room 9, Nassau Hall), respond to the scene if needed or make other suitable arrangements based on the circumstances.
    2. If a non-emergency, an appointment will be made for counseling at the earliest available opportunity.
  3. In the event that none of the Psychological Counselors are immediately available, the secretary will call NCC Public Safety to request assistance.
  4. If the responding professional determines that a student requires immediate psychiatric care, he/she will arrange for the student to be seen at an appropriate facility in the community.
  5. If a possible crisis occurs at a time when the Psychological Counseling Office is closed, please call Public Safety 516.572.7111 for assistance.