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Engineering Science (A.S.) - Curriculum content and the overall program have been reviewed and endorsed by the New York State Association of Engineering Colleges. As such, qualified graduates transfer as juniors to numerous outstanding accredited engineering colleges in New York State. This list includes transfer to such institutions as Polytechnic Institute, Manhattan College, Rochester Institute of Technology, Cornell University, Columbia University, Clarkson University, Hofstra University, Syracuse University, Union College, New York Institute of Technology, SUNY at Stony Brook, SUNY Maritime, SUNY at Buffalo and SUNY at Binghamton. The program is also accepted with liberal arts transfer credit at out-of-state accredited schools of engineering such as Penn State and the Stevens Institute of Technology.

Course Descriptions: Online or PDF

Engineering Science
A.S. Program
Hegis Code: 5609

Total Credits: 66-67

First Semester Credits
CHE 151 General Chemistry I 4
ENG 100 Enhanced Composition I or
ENG 101 Composition I or
ENG 108 The Craft of Composition / Honors English I(1)
ENS 101 Graphics 1
ENS 103 Elementary Engineering I 1
MAT 122 Calculus I 4
NCC 101 The College Experience 1
PED Activity Course(s) 1
Total Semester Credits 15
Second Semester Credits
ECO 208 Principles of Microeconomics 3
ENS 104 Computational Methods Engineering 2
ENG 102 Composition II or
ENG 109 The Art of Analysis / Honors English II
MAT 123 Calculus II 4
PED Activity Course(s) 1
PHY 122 Engineering Physics I 4
Total Semester Credits 17
Third Semester Credits
ENS 205 Statics 3
ENS 225 Engineering Circuit Analysis I 4
General Elective 3
MAT 225 Multivariable Calculus 4
PHY 123 Engineering Physics II 4
Total Semester Credits 18
Fourth Semester Credits
ENS 206 Dynamics 3
ENS 226 Engineering Circuit Analysis II 4
ENS 230 Engineering Thermodynamics 3
MAT 234 Elementary Differential Equations 3
Technical Elective(2) 3-4
Total Semester Credits 16-17
  1. Depending on placement
  2. Technical Elective is by department advisement, based upon the student's desired Engineering transfer path.