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Marketing (A.S.) – The Marketing AS degree program is designed for students who wish to transfer to four year institutions as well as students who wish to begin careers in the field of marketing. The program provides students with an understanding of contemporary concepts and practices in the field of marketing, as well as an overview of global business practices. The program has an emphasis on the application of marketing principles and concepts through experiential learning.

Course Descriptions: Online or PDF

A.S. Program
Hegis Code: 5004

Total Credits: 64

First Semester Credits
ACC 101 Principles of Accounting I 3
BUS 112 Principles of Management 3
COM 101 Interpersonal Communications or
COM 103 Public Speaking
ENG 100 Enhanced Composition I, or
ENG 101 Composition I, or
ENG 108 The Craft of Composition / Honors English I (1)
MKT 100 Introduction to Marketing 3
Total Semester Credits 15
Second Semester Credits
ACC 102 Accounting II 3
ART 201 Ancient Through Medieval Art I 3
ENG 102 Composition II or
ENG 109 The Art of Analysis / Honors English II
MKT 130 Marketing Research, or
MKT 145 Consumer Motivation and Buyer Behavior
MAT 102 Introduction to Statistics 3
Total Semester Credits 15
Third Semester Credits
ECO 207 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
Laboratory Science Elective 4
MKT 103 Principles of Sales 3
MKT 106 Principles of Advertising 3
MAT Elective 3
Total Semester Credits 16
Fourth Semester Credits
ECO 208 Principles of Microeconomics 3
ECO 222 Economic Geography of the World 3
English Literature Elective 3
Marketing Elective (2) 3
Marketing Elective (2) 3
Science Elective 3
Total Semester Credits 18
  1. Depending on placement
  2. Any course with a MKT designation that is not already a degree requirement, except MKT 101 (Business Mathematics).