Case Management (Cert.)

Case Management (Cert.)–The purpose of the Case Management Certificate program is to produce human services professionals who can enhance the provision of services to a wide variety of clientele through proficiency in case management skills, as well as to enhance student career and employment prospects.

To Our Veterans: This Program is pending approval by the Veterans Administration.

Course Descriptions: Online or PDF

Case Management
Certificate Program
Hegis Code: 5506

Total Credits: 24

First Semester Credits
HMS 102 Interviewing in Human Services Case Management 3
HMS 117 Introduction to Social Work 3
SOC 220 Sociology of the Family, or
SOC 222 Sociology of Gender
SOC 210 Criminology, or
SOC 216 Aging, Society and Culture, or
SOC 225 Sociology of Health Care
Total Semester Credits 12
Second Semester Credits
ANT 204 Cultural Anthropology, or
SOC 209 Race, Class, Ethnicity
EDU 105 Introduction to Developmental Disabilities, or
SPS 111 Understanding Substance Use, Abuse and Addiction, or
SPS 201 Perspectives on People with Disabilities
HED 293 Community Health 3
HMS 200 Human Service Skills 3
Total Semester Credits 12

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