Schedule Changes

Drop/Add Course Changes

Students are expected to exercise discretion and forethought in the selection of courses and in scheduling their class hours each semester. Changes of schedule will not be permitted after the first week of classes in a regular semester or the second day of classes in a summer semester.

Straight withdrawals, however, may be made at any time in accordance with "Withdrawal Grades" described in a later section of the catalog.

A fee will be charged for all Drop/Adds during "Late Period" except "necessary" changes and straight withdrawals (see "Fee Schedule"). Drop/Add may be performed online or, if in person, the form must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar.

Change of Approved Program

A student wishing to change his/her program should first obtain a Change of Program form at the Registrar's Office or the office of the academic department the student wishes to enter. The form lists the procedures to be followed. See "Grade Point Average" section in this catalog for possible effect on grades.

Students not meeting the initial admission requirement to the new area of study will not be given approval for such a change until they have satisfactorily completed at least 15 credits at the College. The College, reserves the right to refuse matriculation or change of program into specific departments because the number of qualified students often exceeds the number of spaces available.

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