A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 is required for graduation from both degree and certificate programs. Students are required to complete at least 33 credit hours in residence (i.e. completed at NCC) within the degree programs and 15 credit hours in residence within the certificate programs. If a student believes that all requirements for a degree or certificate will be completed by the end of the fall, spring, or summer semester, he or she must apply for graduation via their MyNCC portal. Students who were admitted under the GED program must apply for the equivalency diploma through the New York State Education Department in order to be subsequently awarded a degree or certificate. The Office of the Registrar can provide the application to apply for the equivalency diploma. The Application for Graduation will be available online until the following deadline dates:

Fall Semester Graduates – Last Monday in October
Spring Semester Graduates – Last Monday in February
Summer Semester Graduates – Last Monday in June

A student who is no longer attending Nassau who has transferred to another higher education institution and who now desires to complete a Nassau Community College degree or certificate program may transfer back no more than 9 credits to complete the degree or 6 credits to complete the certificate. An official transcript from the transferring institution must be submitted to the Registrar before applying for graduation. Only equivalent courses with a grade of "C" or higher relevant to a student's degree or certificate requirements at Nassau Community College will be accepted from other colleges. Under extenuating circumstances, the Office of Academic Affairs may grant permission, in writing, for a student to transfer back more than 9 credits required to complete a Nassau Community College degree or more than 6 credits to complete a certificate program. Transferring back credits does not alter the minimum credits required in residence for degree and certificate programs.

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