Student Activities

The student activity program has grown from a conviction that education is not restricted to scheduled classes, that the hours outside the classroom are of major importance and that the student activities program can give a new dimension to education.These activities expand the means through which the College educates.

The activities program is planned and implemented, in large part, by students involved in clubs and organizations. These social, cultural, and recreational activities enrich the lives of those participating and give student leaders the opportunity to plan and implement programs. This responsibility helps students build character, develop greater understanding of others, learn leadership skills, and have a greater sense of their own abilities.

To be eligible to serve as a campus-wide student leader, students must comply with the College policy on "Eligibility for Student Leadership Positions."

Call the Student Activities Office at 516.572.7148 or visit their website.

Faculty-Student Association
The Faculty-Student Association,through its board of directors, sets and administers policies for the purpose of creating and implementing programs of cultural, social, educational, and recreational value to the College community. It also allocates and disburses the student fees collected by the College in support of these programs.

The Association was organized under New York State laws in accordance with State University policy. It is a non-profit, educational membership corporation. Its board of directors is comprised of five students, five faculty members and three administrative officers. The student and faculty directors are elected,while the three administrative directors serve by virtue of their positions at the College.

College Center
The College Center Building is the hub of student activities. Social and cultural programs and a variety of recreational activities take place here. Activities include lectures, concerts and social programs. Meeting rooms,student organization offices, information areas, and counselors' offices are also located in the CCB. Call 516.572.7148 for program information.

Social Programming
The Programming Board and Nassau Concerts are responsible for the major social programs on campus. The Programming Board offers a variety of social activities including dances, film festivals, comedy programs, and holiday parties. Nassau Concerts provides a concert series with both day and evening performances.

Student Government Association
Each entering student automatically becomes a member of the Nassau Community College Student Government Association (SGA). This Association, through the Student Senate, provides for student participation in the College governance process. SGA apportions the income from student activity fees among the other student organizations,makes recommendations concerning the conduct of the student body, recommends policies affecting student life, and, in all ways, represents student interests.

Student Publications
There are two campus publications: Vignette, the weekly newspaper and the annual literary magazine produced by the Creative Writing Club.

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