Center for Students With Disabilities

Center for Students With Disabilities

The College provides the following support services for students with documented physical,hearing,visual,psychiatric, and learning disabilities:

  • academic, career and personal counseling removal of architectural and attitudinal barriers
  • priority registration
  • group tutoring in math, organizational and study skills
  • appropriate classroom and testing accommodations
  • sign language interpreters
  • adapted computer access
  • cultural program
  • referrals to other campus services
  • clarifying goals and decision-making

The Center is located in Building U, 516.572.7241. Call for office hours or visit the Center for Disbilities Website.

It is the responsibility of the student to identify himself or herself as disabled upon entrance to the College, by notifying the Center for Students with Disabilities. Since each type of disability varies, the documentation needed by the CSD office will also vary. Individuals needing accommodations are strongly encouraged to contact the Center for Students with Disabilities, which is located in Building U. The Center can be reached by voice telephone at 516.572.7241 or TTY at 516.572.7617.

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