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The College offers special services to international students who may have been educated abroad, who hold temporary visas, or who are legal permanent residents of the U.S.

The Office of International Student Affairs provides services to all non-immigrant students attending Nassau Community College, including those enrolled in the LINCC (Language Immersion at NCC) program. The purpose of the ISA Office is to assist students with regulations related to their status in the United States.

Services include visa/status advisement for students in their home countries, advisement of international transfer students, change of status and reinstatement applications, and on travel/ consular issues. Advisement on work authorization and Social Security issues is also provided. In addition, the ISA Office administers the College international health program.

Applicants who will require a student (F-1) visa in order to attend Nassau Community College or our LINCC program should contact the ISA office at 516.572.7053 in order to obtain an Admissions Guide & Application, and the application forms necessary to secure an I-20 (the document that is required before an F-1 visa can be issued). An I-20 will not be issued until a student has been accepted into a program of study at the College.

Students (attending or planning to attend NCC) needing assistance with visa or status concerns should contact Admissions or the Office of International Student Affairs at 516.572.7053 (Life Sciences Building, Rooms 141-149). The ISA Office can also be reached via e-mail at

For more information on the LINCC program or the college placement test, please contact the LINCC office directly at 516.572.7236.