Chemical Technology (A.A.S.)

Chemical Technology (A.A.S.)

Chemical Technology (A.A.S.) - The Associate of Applied Sciences (A.A.S.) Degree in Chemical Technology strengthens and expands the community partnership with the chemical/pharmaceutical industry and other educational organizations. This program prepares students to work with chemists and chemical engineers in research, development, and production of pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, and plastics as well as in sales and technical writing. The undergraduate curriculum will train students not only for immediate employment but also will give a basic foundation for further professional growth including transferring to four-year institutions. 

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Chemical Technology
A.A.S. Program
Hegis Code: 5305

Total Credits: 64

First Semester Credits
CHE 110 Introduction to Chemical Technology 3
CHE 151 General Chemistry I 4
ENG 100 Enhanced Composition I,
ENG 101 Composition I, or
ENG 108 The Craft of Composition / Honors English I(1)
Mathematic Elective 3
Social Science Elective(2) 3
Total Semester Credits 16
Second Semester Credits
CHE 152 General Chemistry II 4
CHE 155 Chemical Calculations and Computer Interface 3
ENG 103 Writing in the Sciences 3
Humanities Elective 3
Social Science Elective(2) 3
Total Semester Credits 16
Third Semester Credits
ART 106 Principles of 3-Dimensional Design 3
CHE 201 Organic Chemistry I 5
CHE 251 Analytical Chemistry I 5
MDC 101 The Making of the Modern Mind I 3
Total Semester Credits 16
Fourth Semester Credits
COM 103 Public Speaking 3
CHE 202 Organic Chemistry II 5
CHE 252 Analytical Chemistry II 5
CHE 297 Chemistry Research 3
Total Semester Credits 16
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