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OFFICE: Reading - Building N, Room 205, 516.572.7464.

Building N, Room 205, 516.572.7630.

Christine Berg,

M. Ardise, S. Berkovits, A. Bressmer, Q.Y. Chen, L. Coley, N. Forchelli, M. Forte, S. Fox, K. Gilpin, K. Golde, D. Grodenchik, E. Hynes-Musnisky, D. Katwala, C. Krupa, V. Lagakis, L. Landesberg, B. Levy, S. Liff, W. Lowenfeld, J. Maher, S. Masrour, J. Miller, D. Mon, A. M. Monaco, S. Newlin-Wagner, C. Novins, D. O’Brien-Smith, K. Quinn, H. Rice, G. Sipley, J. Stern, D. Tyler.

COURSES OFFERED: Basic Education (BEP), Reading (RDG).

All matriculated students placing at the 001 level of developmental course work in Reading and English and the 001 or 002 level in Math are offered a place in the Basic Education Program (BEP). Students are required to complete this program successfully before being permitted to register for the next level of courses in Reading, English, and Math. All students who take the placement test and score RDG 001 or RDG 002 are required to enroll in the course in the first semester of attendance. Successful completion of each course is required. If RDG 001 is the original placement, RDG 002 is required unless the student is exempted by meeting Department standards. For students for whom English is not their first language, the Department of Reading and Basic Education offers a Reading course, RDG 030, at the college preparatory level of instruction. Students are placed in the course on the basis of a Reading test. See the English Department and Communications Department for other coursework appropriate for English language learners. The Language Immersion program at NCC (LINCC) is available to students who do not place into college level ESL courses. The Department of Reading and Basic Education also offers several credit Reading courses. For further information, contact the Department of Reading and Basic Education at 516.572.7464.