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OFFICE: Cluster D, Room 3090, 516.572.7278

CHAIRPERSON: Thomas C. Bruckner,

FACULTY: R. Cohen, T. Imperato, G. Lehenbauer, A. Nocella, D. O’Brien, W. Ramsey, D. Stern, F. Viscovich, M. Zito



COURSES OFFERED: Astronomy (AST), Climatology (CLI), Environmental Science (ENV), Geology (GLY), Meteorology (MET), Multi-Disciplinary (MDS), Physical Sciences (SCI)

The Department of Physical Sciences offers several introductory courses from a variety of disciplines. All courses provide students the ability to satisfy general education requirements along with the opportunity to major in one of the Atmospheric, Environmental or Earth Sciences. The Department of Physical Sciences offers many courses as part of the Distance Education program. Students enrolled in these courses benefit from the flexibility and convenience of online or partially online course platforms.

Lab and field work are vital and exciting components to many of the courses in the Department of Physical Sciences. Astronomy students have exclusive access to the department's planetarium. The planetarium boasts an 18-foot dome shaped ceiling with a central projector that illuminates the night sky. Telescopes are mounted for use on the observation deck, along with portable telescopes that are used to conduct evening observations of celestial objects in the field.

Students in Meteorology and Climatology courses study and analyze data provided by the NCC Weather Center, where live readings of outdoor atmospheric air temperature and pressure, precipitation, wind speed and direction are collected and displayed. Earth and Environmental Science students learn about earth processes unique to Long Island by attending several field trips. Field work provides students a means to directly observe environmental phenomenon. Environmental Mapping students use GPS/GIS units and mapping software to create maps of the region.

All of the courses in the Department of Physical Sciences will enhance one's academic experience while providing an understanding of their physical world.