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OFFICE: Building M (Nassau Hall, 3 rd floor), Room 300, 516.572.7414


FACULTY: Prof. S. Albanese (Spanish), Dr. C. Arias (Spanish), Prof. P. Desroches (French), Dr. R. Feit (Spanish), Dr. V. Konovaliouk (Russian), Dr. M. Mann (Italian), Dr. S. Trica-Flores (Spanish)

COURSES/LANGUAGES OFFERED: Arabic (ARA), Chinese (CHI), French (FRE), German (GER), Hebrew (HEB), Italian (ITA), Japanese (JPN), Korean (KOR), Latin (LAT), Portuguese (POR), Russian (RUS), Spanish language and literature courses (SPA)

FOREIGN LANGUAGE LEARNING CENTER: A state-of the art Learning Center (M-15) supplements the instructional program and computer-assisted language learning. Free professional tutoring available in some languages.

Recommendations for foreign language courses are based on the student’s background and/or prior formal training.

To ensure that students are placed in the appropriate level the appropriate level of foreign language follow the placement guidelines described in the current NCC catalog and in the Department’s Advisement Guidelines available at the departmental website.

Students MAY NOT enroll in two courses of the same language in the same semester. Contact our main office (Nassau Hall, M-300, email: if during the registration a student receives a prerequisite error that requires the departmental override.

If your background within the last two years is one of the below

Foreign Language Course Number

Beginning NON-NATIVE student or 1-2 years high school study or equivalent. Acceptable if a student has not studied the same language for three or more years prior to enrolling in the language at NCC. Not intended for NATIVE speakers w/formal training in the target language 101*
2-3 years high school or equivalent 102
3-4 years high school or equivalent 201-202
ONLY for Heritage Learners. SPA 205 and SPA 206 courses are non-sequential SPA 205 & SPA 206
4 or more years in high school or successful completion of 201/202, 205/206-level, or foreign language instructor’s permission 261-262
4+ years in middle school/high school, or successful completion of another 200-level course, or native speakers with strong background in Spanish, or instructor’s permission SPA 271, SPA 272, SPA 273, SPA 274 (Literature in Spanish, NOT in translation)