General Eligibility Requirements

The FAFSA needs to be completed annually to determine your eligibility for the upcoming academic year. At NCC the fall semester (September - December) begins a new academic year and includes the spring semester (January – May) and summer session (June – August).

In general, to be eligible for Federal Student Aid a student must:

  • be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen
  • be matriculated in an eligible program of study
  • be making satisfactory academic progress in his or her program of study
  • not be in default of any Federal loan or have received an overpayment on a Federal grant
  • not have borrowed in excess of the annual or aggregate loan limit
  • have a valid Social Security number
  • not have been convicted of certain drug-related offenses under Federal or State law
  • submit official High School transcript or prior college transcript and proof of high school graduation

Students cannot be funded with financial aid for courses that do not count toward their degree requirements. The only exception is for remedial courses that are part of the student's regular program. It is important for students to log in to MyNCC and view their degree evaluation regularly.

Certain awards are based on the availability of funding. By filing a FAFSA early you may be considered for campus based aid which includes Federal SEOG, Work-study, and Nursing Loan. All students who wish to be considered for financial aid should file their FAFSA by May 30th. The College cannot process a student's FAFSA until all requested documentation has been submitted. FAFSAs received after the student ceases to attend cannot be processed for that academic year.

Federal funds are sent directly to the College and applied to the student account. Any excess funding is then reimbursed to the student for education-related expenses after attendance has been confirmed.

Refund Policy for Federal Financial Aid Recipients

If a student totally withdraws from the College for a particular semester, the student may be entitled to receive funding based on the percentage of the payment period (semester) that the student completed.

If a student completes more than 60.01% of the period, he or she earned 100% of the aid for that period of enrollment.

If the student completes 60% or less of the period of enrollment the percentage of the period completed is the percentage of aid earned and eligible to receive. Any aid that is unearned as a result of totally withdrawing from the College at the 60% or less point of the semester must be returned to the Department of Education.

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