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Scholarships are awards that are given based on merit, need or talent and do not have to be paid back. However, certain criteria may apply in order to receive or maintain a scholarship award.

Nassau Community College Scholarships

Scholarship awards are presented to incoming, returning, or graduating students from funding by members of the College's faculty and staff, by campus groups, and from local donor organizations and individuals.

Nassau Community College makes scholarship monies available each year for a variety of programs through the College Foundation Office and administered by the Scholarship and Student Aid Committee of the Academic Senate. Students are urged to apply for these scholarships. For more information visit the NCC Scholarship web page.

Other Scholarship Sources

It is never too late to begin your search for scholarships.

  • Check your High School &/or local Library for scholarship handbooks, and for a listing of local organizations that award scholarships.
  • Check national organizations such as Coca-Cola Foundation, National Merit Scholarship Program, American Legion, etc.
  • Local businesses, such as the employer you currently work for.

There are many free scholarship search sites available. Listed here are a few scholarship search sites that may provide useful information:

Disclaimer regarding scholarship search websites

The Office of Financial Aid at Nassau Community College does not endorse or recommend any scholarship service or private scholarship websites. We encourage you to be cautious about scholarship search organizations which charge a fee.

Questions about tuition and fees should be directed to the Office of Student Financial Affairs, Tower 5th floor, at 516.572.7326. Inquiries concerning financial assistance should be directed to the Financial Aid Office, Tower 3rd floor, at 516.572.7396.