SUNY Admission Policy

Nassau Community College Policy for the Admission of Persons with Disciplinary Dismissals

Nassau Community College is committed to providing an opportunity for all qualified applicants to receive a quality education. Applicants who have been dismissed from another academic institution for disciplinary reasons may be accepted to study at Nassau Community College, providing the applicant is able to successfully satisfy the evaluation process. Applications will be reviewed by the College Admissions Review Committee. The Committee will request that the applicant provide the specifics of the disciplinary dismissal, such as background, charges filed, and date(s) of occurrence. Appropriate releases may have to be executed by the applicant for receipt of educational disciplinary records. The Committee may also require a personal interview to clarify or verify the information received.

Upon reviewing the information, the Committee will determine whether the student may be admitted to the College, whether certain conditions of admissibility will be imposed (i.e., major selection, course scheduling, involvement in activities), or whether admission will be denied. NCC reserves the right to deny an applicant’s request for admission to the College or to a selected program at the College if the applicant’s disciplinary record would prevent the applicant from successfully completing or obtaining a required license and/or certification associated with the program, or would involve an unreasonable risk to persons or property, or to the welfare of the campus community.

Failure to disclose any disciplinary dismissals, falsification of data, or intentional misrepresentation within any area of the application process, may result in denial of admission, disciplinary action, or the immediate dismissal of any student found to be culpable.

Procedures for the Admission of Persons with any Disciplinary Dismissals

  1. Complete the appropriate admissions application. Include copies of all required academic information needed for the type of admission being sought.
  2. Complete a Request for the Admissions Review Committee form (available in the Office of Admissions) and submit completed form to the Office of Admission at least 30 days prior to the start of the semester. All areas of the form must be completed. These include:
    1. Date(s) and location(s) of offense(s)
    2. Summary of disciplinary actions, including any special provisions
  3. The Admissions Review Committee will convene to review all materials pertaining to the applicant’s admission. The Committee will have access to and will consider all available information specified above, including the applicant’s past academic record(s). All pertinent information will be reviewed.
    1. The Admissions Review Committee will consist of the following individuals:
      1. The Dean of Admissions or his/her designee, who will chair and convene the committee,
      2. The Director of Public Safety or his/her designee, and
      3. The Dean of Students or his/her designee
  4. The Admissions Review Committee submits its recommendation for review to the Vice President of Academic Student Services, or his/her designee. If the VP or designee concurs with recommendation, the student is notified of the decision. If the VP or designee requires additional documentation or review, he/she may return the application to the Admissions Review Committee for follow up.
  5. Applicants who have been dismissed due to a disciplinary action, who meet the NCC admission qualifications, may be accepted with certain conditions that will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
  6. If the review process finds that applicant’s admission to NCC would involve unreasonable risk to property, or the safety or welfare of the campus community, the applicant will be informed that admission has been denied. 

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