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Alumni Association of Nassau Community College, LTD

The Alumni Association of Nassau Community College, Ltd., a not-for-profit corporation, was founded in 1985 to create and maintain, among the College's graduates, an abiding sense of personal commitment to the life and growth of Nassau Community College.

The Alumni Association is a self-sustaining organization whose officers, directors, and membership is composed of dues-paying graduates of Nassau Community College.

Membership is open to all degree and certificate recipients of Nassau Community College. Lifetime membership dues are $50.00. Membership dues are primarily used to fund the Association's scholarship program.

The scholarship program provides funds for students attending the College. The Association strives to increase the number of scholarships each year. The present goal is to award a scholarship to a student from every high school in the County who plans to enroll at Nassau Community College.

Nassau Community College Foundation, Inc.

The Nassau Community College Foundation is an eleemosynary corporation formed to promote the interests of the College. The Foundation is structured to meet the ever-increasing demands of the future by providing an independent avenue to receive philanthropic aid, which assists in the continuing development of the College and its varied programs. The Foundation may accept, hold, invest, reinvest and administer any gifts, bequests, or trusts which benefit the College.

The Foundation disburses funds for the purposes of scholarship awards to students, faculty development programs and various activities which enrich the educational programs of the College. In some instances, the Nassau Community College Foundation functions as the fiduciary agent for the receipt of grants written by faculty and professional employees.

The primary focus of the Foundation's activities is the scholarship program. Direct support to students assists in the fulfillment of their educational goals. Through the auspices of the Foundation, scholarships are awarded to outstanding students in academic departments. Additionally, programs in faculty development, leadership and cultural activities are undertaken through the efforts of the Foundation Board.

The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors composed of prominent members of the business and professional community, each of whom is dedicated to the goals of higher education and the success of Nassau's students.

The State University

The State University of New York (SUNY) encompasses 64 geographically dispersed campuses (both two and four-year) that bring educational opportunities to virtually all New York citizens. It comprises the nation's largest centrally managed system of higher education. Nassau Community College is the largest single campus of 30 two-year colleges operating under the system. When founded in 1948, the State University of New York system consolidated 29 Stat-operated, but unaffiliated, institutions whose varied histories of service dated as far back as 1816. SUNY has grown to a point where its impact is felt educationally, culturally, and economically the length and breadth of the state. As a comprehensive public university, SUNY provides a meaningful educational experience to the broadest spectrum of individuals. Just under 428,000 students (full and part-time) are pursuing traditional study in classrooms or are working at home, at their own pace, through such innovative institutions as Empire State College - for over two decades, a leader in non-traditional education, distance learning and assessment of prior learning.

SUNY's students are predominantly New York State residents, who represent more than 95 percent of the University's under- graduate enrollment. Approximately one-third of all New York State high school graduates continue on to a SUNY institution. Nassau Community College has the highest number of minority students among SUNY's community colleges. Approximately one-third of the total enrollment is 25 years of age or older, reflecting SUNY's services to specific constituencies, such as training for business and industry, continuing education, and a wide array of community services to promote both personal enrichment and professional growth.

The State University is governed by a Board of Trustees, appointed by the Governor, which directly determines the policies to be followed by the 34 state-supported campuses. Community colleges have their own local boards of trustees whose relationship to the SUNY board is defined by law.

The University motto is: