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Nassau Community College, a constituent member of the State University of New York system, is a comprehensive, full-opportunity institution of higher education. All who can benefit from its resources have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills and to pursue the goal of lifelong learning. The College is dedicated to high quality, low-cost education and career preparation to meet the needs and interests of the community it serves. It is committed to academic excellence and the dignity and worth of the individual. To this end, Nassau Community College offers Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, and Associate in Applied Science degrees, as well as Certificate and continuing education programs. Its curricula span the liberal arts and sciences, as well as pre-professional and professional areas, for the benefit of a diverse population. The College places a high priority on small classes, taught by qualified, experienced faculty, to provide an optimal educational environment.

In fulfillment of this Mission, Nassau Community College affirms these goals:

  • To maintain an open admissions policy that ensures the availability of educational programs for traditional and non-traditional students;
  • To create educational programs that respond to and satisfy diverse community needs;
  • To provide general education that teaches students to think critically and analytically about a body of knowledge conducive to lifelong learning;
  • To maintain developmental programs which upgrade student skills for success in college level courses, and to provide special courses of study which enhance general education;
  • To provide the support services necessary for students to realize their maximum potential;
  • To create a wide variety of activities and cultural programs to enrich student and community life;
  • To create a multicultural environment which fosters the synthesis of knowledge, aesthetic appreciation, and commitment to ethical and social values;
  • To encourage faculty development with programs that promote scholarship and creativity, and to encourage the adoption of innovative teaching methods and technology to enhance student learning;
  • To support and strengthen academic programs which best prepare students for transfer to senior institutions, and to provide career programs to prepare students for regional and global employment opportunities;
  • To provide administrative leadership which assures educational quality, furnishes adequate student support services, maintains effective budgeting and facilities management, and stimulates thoughtful planning for the future of the College;
  • To enhance the economic and cultural vitality of the County by promoting an educational environment which responds to the changing needs of the community.


It is the Academic Senate of Nassau Community College that shall provide the College community with a voice in general educational goals and policies as well as other matters of concern to the College community. The Academic Senate shall have responsibilities and powers in the following areas unless otherwise restricted by law and the provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement:

a. To examine, approve and recommend curriculum for examination by the President and the Board of Trustees;
b. To recommend requirements for admissions, degrees and graduation;
c. To formulate and propose academic College policies including policies on class size, academic advisement, educational TV and academic calendar for the consideration of the President and the Board of Trustees;
d. To provide a forum for the consideration of academic matters of interest to the College community;
e. To formulate and propose policies in those aspects of student life which relate to the educational process.

The ultimate authority for College operation is vested in the Board of Trustees, five of whom are appointed by the Nassau County Executive and four by the governor of New York. A tenth member is elected annually by the student body.