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OFFICE: Building M (Nassau Hall), Room 300, 516.572.7414

CHAIRPERSON: Dr. Vladimir Konovaliouk,

FACULTY: S. Albanese, C. Arias, P. Desroches, R. Feit, V. Konovaliouk, M. Mann, S. Trica-Flores

TECHNICAL ASSISTANT: V. Konovaliouk (Non-Classroom Instructional), Coordinator of Foreign Language Learning Center

COURSES OFFERED: Arabic (ARA), Chinese (CHI), French (FRE), German (GER), Hebrew (HEB), Italian (ITA), Japanese (JPN), Latin (LAT), Portuguese (POR), Russian (RUS), Spanish (SPA)

Language Center: A well-equipped language laboratory supplements the instructional program

Placement Advisory:
Course Level/High School Foreign Language Background:
For the 101 level is 1-2 yr. H.S., or equivalent, or a beginning student.
For the 102 level is 101 level, 2-3 yrs. H.S., or equivalent.
For the 201 or 202 level is a native knowledge of the language, 102 level, 3-4 yrs. H.S., or equivalent.
For the 205-206* level is a native knowledge of the language.
For the 301 - 404 level is 4 or more yrs. H.S. or at discretion of instructor, or successful completion of 202 or 205 or 206.

* NOTE: 205 and 206: Can be taken instead of 201 and 202, but not in addition to 201 and 202. SPA 205 is not a prerequisite for SPA 206 and SPA 206 is not a prerequisite for SPA 205.

  1. Students considered by the instructor to be either under-prepared or too advanced will be expected to change to an appropriate level.

  2. For students starting out or already enrolled in a language at NCC, the recommended sequence is 101, 102, 201, 202. Students can not simultaneously enroll in TWO classes of the SAME language and level, i.e., SPA 101 and SPA 102, SPA 201 and SPA 202.

  3. After level 202, a student may choose from any of the following levels: 301, 302, 401, 402, 403, 404.

  4. The following specialized courses are also offered:
    • FRE 225 (French for Business);
    • ITA 225 (Italian for Business);
    • SPA 110 (Spanish for Hotel Restaurant Personnel);
    • SPA 121 (Spanish for Law Enforcement Personnel);
    • SPA 151 - SPA 152 (Practical Spanish for Medical Personnel I-II);
    • SPA 205 - SPA 206 (non-sequential Intermediate Spanish for Bilingual Speakers, i.e. students can take SPA 206 first and SPA 205 second);
    • SPA 225 (Spanish for Business).

  5. Students wishing to pursue study at the Baccalaureate level in this subject should see departmental advisors. Contact the Department for further information.