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Telecommunications Technology-Verizon (A.A.S.) - The Telecommunication Technology-Verizon program provides an innovative, educational, skills-based program that enables Verizon employees to stay apace with advancing technology, to understand changing marketplace realities, and to enhance customer service skills through the acquisition of an Associate Degree in Applied Science with a focus on Telecommunications Technology. The result is an empowered, technologically competent, customer-accountable work force that is committed to the value of lifelong learning. This industry specific program is designed to admit current Verizon employees after a formal screening process has been completed. Enrollment is limited to Verizon employees.

Course Descriptions: Online or PDF

Telecommunications Technology, Verizon Option
A.A.S. Program
Hegis Code: 5310

Total Credits: 60

First Semester Credits
CMP 101 Introduction to Computers 3
MAT 116 Engineering Technical Math I 4
Total Semester Credits 7
Second Semester Credits
CRT 201 Personal Computer Equipment Servicing I 4
ENG 100 Enhanced Composition I or
ENG 101 Composition I or
ENG 108 The Craft of Composition / Honors English I *
Total Semester Credits 7
Third Semester Credits
CRT 202 Personal Computer Equipment Servicing II 4
MAT 117 Engineering Technical Math II 4
Total Semester Credits 8
Fourth Semester Credits
PHY 110 Technical Physics 4
TNY 171 Telecommunications Circuits 4
Total Semester Credits 8
Fifth Semester Credits
TNY 173 Telecommunications Electronics I 4
TNY 181 Telecommunications I - Voice 4
Total Semester Credits 8
Sixth Semester Credits
TNY 273 Telecommunications Electronics II 4
TNY 282 Telecommunications II 4
Total Semester Credits 8
Seventh Semester Credits
ENG 102 Composition II or
ENG 109 The Art of Analysis / Honors English II
TNY 283 Telecommunications III 4
Total Semester Credits 7
Eighth Semester Credits
Humanities or
Social Science
TNY 284 Telecommunications IV 4
Total Semester Credits 7
* Depending on placement.