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Financial Markets (Cert.)

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Financial Markets (Cert.)–The Financial Markets Certificate is designed to provide students with the financial skills and information needed for employment in a wide range of finance related fields (e.g. financial services, investment advisors, domestic and/or international banking and others). It is necessary to have a basic understanding of financial markets for those pursuing or maintaining careers in finance and this course of study is designed to develop this skill set.

This Certificate will also serve the general community by providing an understanding of financial investments and the associated tools needed for evaluation. This knowledge will provide the basis for better management of personal financial resources and sound financial decision-making.

Course Descriptions: Online or PDF

Financial Markets
Certificate Program
Hegis Code: 5003

Total Credits: 24

First Semester ** Credits
ECO 112/FIN 112 Introduction to Investments 3
ECO 213/FIN 213 Money and Banking 3
Finance Elective (by advisement) 3
Free Elective (by advisement) 3
Total Semester Credits 12
Second Semester** Credits
ACC 101 Accounting 3
ECO 214/FIN 214 Corporation Finance 3
ECO 230/FIN 230 Introduction to International Economics and Finance 3
Free Elective (by advisement) 3
Total Semester Credits 12
** ECO 207 Principles of Macroeconomics (3 credits) and ECO 208 Principles of Microeconomics (3 credits) are pre-requisites to complete the Certificate in Financial Markets 

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