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The A. Holly Patterson Library continues to evolve as an information center for the 21st century. NASCAT, Nassau’s networked library catalog, provides access to the College’s full range of materials from the World Wide Web. Through this graphical interface, it is possible to simultaneously search the catalogs of most of the SUNY colleges from computers in the Library or anywhere else. It is also possible to search the catalogs of public libraries throughout the region from the same Internet stations.

By taking advantage of several resource sharing projects,Nassau offers access to electronic information sources delivered through the Internet. The New York State Library’s Novel project provides library users with a wealth of full-text journal and newspaper articles.Nassau Community College belongs to the State University’s SUNY Connect program that provides seamless access to a worldwide virtual library of information to any SUNY student, at any computer, anywhere. Additional resources are also made available through Nassau’s membership in the local library consortium, the Long Island Library Resources Council.

When classes are in session, the Library is open 77 hours per week with night and weekend coverage. Over 589,000 persons visited the library last year. They borrowed books and non-print items; used periodicals and reference works in print and online formats, as well as reserve copies of textbooks and other required materials; accessed the Internet; and used the library’s facilities for group and individual study. In addition, our participation in the interlibrary loan network allowed us to acquire needed items from other libraries while we supplied their patrons with requested items.

The physical collection now numbers over 201,000 books and non-print items and over 200 print periodical titles. Electronic database subscriptions, accessible from any computer through the Library’s webpage, allow for ready access to information published in thousands of newspapers, journals and reference works in full-text, audio and video online formats.

The Library’s Reference Unit is pleased to offer several online services through the Library’s homepage ( By clicking on our “Ask the Librarian” link, members of the College community may instant message a librarian or post an e-mail reference question and receive a response within 24 hours. The "Chat with a Librarian" link will take the user to the "Ask the Librarian" page where s/he can send an instant message. Our “Interlibrary Loan” link allows faculty, staff and students to submit Interlibrary Loan requests for books or periodical articles. Furthermore, our “Book a Class” link allows faculty to make online requests for Information Literacy instruction sessions.

A principal part of the Library’s mission is instruction. Library faculty provide individual information service in all public service areas throughout the year. Our Information Commons currently houses over 200 public access computers used by students for research. In addition, students may use the wireless internet network with their own laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices. The Library also offers individually designed lectures on library research to college classes, typically serving students by teaching 500-600 scheduled sessions per year. Classes are typically taught in a lab-style lecture room featuring 30 student computers for hands-on instruction. In addition, librarians teach several sections of the three-credit course, “Introduction to Library Research” and the one-credit course, “Essential Research for College Success,” each semester.

The Library is housed in a four-story building located between Clusters A-D and E-F.